Session: Social Media and Location Data

I Know Where You Live: Inferring Details of People's Lives by Visualizing Publicly Shared Location Data
Not at Home on the Range: Peer Production and the Urban/Rural Divide
App Movement: A Platform for Community Commissioning of Mobile Applications
Generating Personalized Spatial Analogies for Distances and Areas

Session: How Fast Can You Type on Your Phone?

IJQwerty: What Difference Does One Key Change Make? Gesture Typing Keyboard Optimization Bounded by One Key Position Change from Qwerty
DualKey: Miniature Screen Text Entry via Finger Identification
One-Dimensional Handwriting: Inputting Letters and Words on Smart Glasses
A Cost-Benefit Study of Text Entry Suggestion Interaction

Session: Front Stage on Social Media

The Social Media Ecology: User Perceptions, Strategies and Challenges
Sharing Personal Content Online: Exploring Channel Choice and Multi-Channel Behaviors
Snap Decisions?: How Users, Content, and Aesthetics Interact to Shape Photo Sharing Behaviors
Does Saying This Make Me Look Good?: How Posters and Outsiders Evaluate Facebook Updates

Session: Families and Assistive Technology

Designing Smart Objects with Autistic Children: Four Design Exposティs
Investigating the Influence of Avatar Facial Characteristics on the Social Behaviors of Children with Autism
Changing Family Practices with Assistive Technology: MOBERO Improves Morning and Bedtime Routines for Children with ADHD
Incloodle: Evaluating an Interactive Application for Young Children with Mixed Abilities

Session: 3D Virtual Space

Dynamic Stereoscopic 3D Parameter Adjustment for Enhanced Depth Discrimination
Modeling the Impact of Depth on Pointing Performance
Compensating for Distance Compression in Audiovisual Virtual Environments Using Incongruence
miniStudio: Designers' Tool for Prototyping Ubicomp Space with Interactive Miniature

Session: Mining Human Behaviors

Unsupervised Clickstream Clustering for User Behavior Analysis
Augur: Mining Human Behaviors from Fiction to Power Interactive Systems
Modeling and Understanding Human Routine Behavior
Setwise Comparison: Consistent, Scalable, Continuum Labels for Computer Vision

Session: Behavioral Change

TimeAware: Leveraging Framing Effects to Enhance Personal Productivity
Personal Tracking of Screen Time on Digital Devices
Crowd-Designed Motivation: Motivational Messages for Exercise Adherence Based on Behavior Change Theory
Understanding the Mechanics of Persuasive System Design: A Mixed-Method Theory-driven Analysis of Freeletics

Session: Vulnerable Populations and Technological Support

Designing for Transient Use: A Human-in-the-loop Translation Platform for Refugees
Syrian Refugees and Digital Health in Lebanon: Opportunities for Improving Antenatal Health
A Real-Time IVR Platform for Community Radio
Contextualizing Intermediated Use in the Developing World: Findings from India & Ghana

Session: Online Behaviors

Could This Be True?: I Think So! Expressed Uncertainty in Online Rumoring
Order in the Warez Scene: Explaining an Underground Virtual Community with the CPR Framework

Session: Collaborative Fabricatio? Making Much of Machines

Understanding Newcomers to 3D Printing: Motivations, Workflows, and Barriers of Casual Makers
How Novices Sketch and Prototype Hand-Fabricated Objects
RetroFab: A Design Tool for Retrofitting Physical Interfaces using Actuators, Sensors and 3D Printing
HotFlex: Post-print Customization of 3D Prints Using Embedded State Change

Session: Learning Feedback

Effects of Pedagogical Agent's Personality and Emotional Feedback Strategy on Chinese Students' Learning Experiences and Performance: A Study Based on Virtual Tai Chi Training Studio
MapSense: Multi-Sensory Interactive Maps for Children Living with Visual Impairments
Framing Feedback: Choosing Review Environment Features that Support High Quality Peer Assessment
Revising Learner Misconceptions Without Feedback: Prompting for Reflection on Anomalies

Session: Visual Design Principles for Unconventional Displays

Designing Visual Complexity for Dual-screen Media
Hidden in Plain Sight: an Exploration of a Visual Language for Near-Eye Out-of-Focus Displays in the Peripheral View
Investigating Text Legibility on Non-Rectangular Displays
The Effect of Focus Cues on Separation of Information Layers

Session: Privacy - Social and Geolocated

The Geography and Importance of Localness in Geotagged Social Media
Usability and Security of Text Passwords on Mobile Devices
Evaluation of Personalized Security Indicators as an Anti-Phishing Mechanism for Smartphone Applications
Computationally Mediated Pro-Social Deception

Session: Social Media Engagement

Changes in Engagement Before and After Posting to Facebook
Fast, Cheap, and Good: Why Animated GIFs Engage Us
Engineering Information Disclosure: Norm Shaping Designs
A Market in Your Social Network: The Effects of Extrinsic Rewards on Friendsourcing and Relationships

Session: Computer Supported Parenting

LGBT Parents and Social Media: Advocacy, Privacy, and Disclosure during Shifting Social Movements
Information Seeking Practices of Parents: Exploring Skills, Face Threats and Social Networks
Best of Both Worlds: Opportunities for Technology in Cross-Cultural Parenting
Screen Time Tantrums: How Families Manage Screen Media Experiences for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Session: Personal informatic Dear Data

GenomiX: A Novel Interaction Tool for Self-Exploration of Personal Genomic Data
Taking 5: Work-Breaks, Productivity, and Opportunities for Personal Informatics for Knowledge Workers
Metadating: Exploring the Romance and Future of Personal Data
Design Opportunities in Three Stages of Relationship Development between Users and Self-Tracking Devices

Session: Older Adult Support

Designing for the Other 'Hereafter': When Older Adults Remember about Forgetting
Typing Tutor: Individualized Tutoring in Text Entry for Older Adults Based on Input Stumble Detection
Not For Me: Older Adults Choosing Not to Participate in a Social Isolation Intervention

Session: Real Reality Interfaces

The Augmented Climbing Wall: High-Exertion Proximity Interaction on a Wall-Sized Interactive Surface
BitDrones: Towards Using 3D Nanocopter Displays as Interactive Self-Levitating Programmable Matter
Pmomo: Projection Mapping on Movable 3D Object
Combining Shape-Changing Interfaces and Spatial Augmented Reality Enables Extended Object Appearance

Session: Sociotechnical Assemblage, Participation, Interaction & Materiality

The Ethics of Unaware Participation in Public Interventions
The Poetics of Socio-Technical Space: Evaluating the Internet of Things Through Craft
Object-Oriented Publics
Repurposing Bits and Pieces of the Digital

Session: Thinking Critically

Five Provocations for Ethical HCI Research
Acting with Technology: Rehearsing for Mixed-Media Live Performances

Session: Prototyping for Fabricatio, 3D Designing, Modelling & Printing

What you Sculpt is What you Get: Modeling Physical Interactive Devices with Clay and 3D Printed Widgets
On-The-Fly Print: Incremental Printing While Modelling
CardBoardiZer: Creatively Customize, Articulate and Fold 3D Mesh Models
ChronoFab: Fabricating Motion

Session: Learning @ School

Lessons Learned from In-School Use of rTAG: A Robo-Tangible Learning Environment
Human Proxies for Remote University Classroom Attendance
Ingenium: Engaging Novice Students with Latin Grammar

Session: Learning Facilitaton

Social Situational Language Learning through an Online 3D Game
Using Gamification to Motivate Students with Dyslexia
Local Standards for Sample Size at CHI
A Comparative Evaluation on Online Learning Approaches using Parallel Coordinate Visualization

Session: Paying Attention to Smartphones

Lock n' LoL: Group-based Limiting Assistance App to Mitigate Smartphone Distractions in Group Activities
Silence Your Phones: Smartphone Notifications Increase Inattention and Hyperactivity Symptoms
My Phone and Me: Understanding People's Receptivity to Mobile Notifications

Session: Interaction Design for Audio Interfaces

Voices from the War: Design as a Means of Understanding the Experience of Visiting Heritage
Simplified Audio Production in Asynchronous Voice-Based Discussions
Tap the ShapeTones: Exploring the Effects of Crossmodal Congruence in an Audio-Visual Interface
Maps and Location: Acceptance of Modern Interaction Techniques for Audio Guides

Session: Living Healthy

Staying the Course: System-Driven Lapse Management for Supporting Behavior Change
Designing for Future Behaviors: Understanding the Effect of Temporal Distance on Planned Behaviors
ClimbAware: Investigating Perception and Acceptance of Wearables in Rock Climbing
Beyond Abandonment to Next Steps: Understanding and Designing for Life after Personal Informatics Tool Use

Session: Designing Quality in Social Media

Supporting Comment Moderators in Identifying High Quality Online News Comments
Popcorn Tastes Good: Participatory Policymaking and Reddit's
Going Dark: Social Factors in Collective Action Against Platform Operators in the Reddit Blackout
Surviving an "Eternal September": How an Online Community Managed a Surge of Newcomers
This Post Will Just Get Taken Down: Characterizing Removed Pro-Eating Disorder Social Media Content

Session: Physical and Digital Collections

Accountable Artefacts: The Case of the Carolan Guitar
Things We Own Together: Sharing Possessions at Home
Mailing Archived Emails as Postcards: Probing the Value of Virtual Collections
Finding Email in a Multi-Account, Multi-Device World

Session: Augmented AR and VR Experiences

Novel Optical Configurations for Virtual Reality: Evaluating User Preference and Performance with Focus-tunable and Monovision Near-eye Displays
Augmenting the Field-of-View of Head-Mounted Displays with Sparse Peripheral Displays
SnapToReality: Aligning Augmented Reality to the Real World
Virtual Objects as Spatial Cues in Collaborative Mixed Reality Environments: How They Shape Communication Behavior and User Task Load
VR-STEP: Walking-in-Place using Inertial Sensing for Hands Free Navigation in Mobile VR Environments

Session: Technological Care for Autism

Will I always be not social?: Re-Conceptualizing Sociality in the Context of a Minecraft Community for Autism
Anxiety and Autism: Towards Personalized Digital Health
EnhancedTouch: A Smart Bracelet for Enhancing Human-Human Physical Touch
This is how I want to learn: High Functioning Autistic Teens Co-Designing a Serious Game

Session: Sustainability, Design and Environmental Sensibilities

Challenging the Car Norm: Opportunities for ICT to Support Sustainable Transportation Practices
Learning from Green Designers: Green Design as Discursive Practice
Understanding and Mitigating the Effects of Device and Cloud Service Design Decisions on the Environmental Footprint of Digital Infrastructure
MyPart: Personal, Portable, Accurate, Airborne Particle Counting

Session: Authentication and Privacy

Evaluating the Influence of Targets and Hand Postures on Touch-based Behavioural Biometrics
Enhancing Mobile Content Privacy with Proxemics Aware Notifications and Protection
CalendarCast: Setup-Free, Privacy-Preserving, Localized Sharing of Appointment Data
SkullConduct: Biometric User Identification on Eyewear Computers Using Bone Conduction Through the Skull
Use Your Words: Designing One-time Pairing Codes to Improve User Experience

Session: (Re)understanding Making A Critical Broadening of Maker Cultures

Reconstituting the Utopian Vision of Making: HCI After Technosolutionism
Values in Repair
Making Community: The Wider Role of Makerspaces in Public Life
Continuing the Dialogue: Bringing Research Accounts Back into the Field

Session: Learning Programming

Programming, Problem Solving, and Self-Awareness: Effects of Explicit Guidance
Understanding Conversational Programmers: A Perspective from the Software Industry
Blind Spots in Youth DIY Programming: Examining Diversity in Creators, Content, and Comments within the Scratch Online Community
Skill Progression in Scratch Revisited

Session: Tracking Fingers

SkinTrack: Using the Body as an Electrical Waveguide for Continuous Finger Tracking on the Skin
Finexus: Tracking Precise Motions of Multiple Fingertips Using Magnetic Sensing
FingerIO: Using Active Sonar for Fine-Grained Finger Tracking
DigitSpace: Designing Thumb-to-Fingers Touch Interfaces for One-Handed and Eyes-Free Interactions

Session: VR for Collaboration

Head Mounted Projection Display & Visual Attention: Visual Attentional Processing of Head Referenced Static and Dynamic Displays while in Motion and Standing
Stabilized Annotations for Mobile Remote Assistance
Parallel Eyes: Exploring Human Capability and Behaviors with Paralleled First Person View Sharing
Gaze Augmentation in Egocentric Video Improves Awareness of Intention

Session: I want to know my data Democratizing, Opening and Comprehending Data

Open Data in Scientific Settings: From Policy to Practice
The Datacatcher: Batch Deployment and Documentation of 130 Location-Aware, Mobile Devices That Put Sociopolitically-Relevant Big Data in People's Hands: Polyphonic Interpretation at Scale
Physikit: Data Engagement Through Physical Ambient Visualizations in the Home
Accountable: Exploring the Inadequacies of Transparent Financial Practice in the Non-Profit Sector

Session: The Economics of Being Online

Designing for Labour: Uber and the On-Demand Mobile Workforce
'MASTerful' Matchmaking in Service Transactions: Inferred Abilities, Needs and Interests versus Activity Histories
Of Two Minds, Multiple Addresses, and One Ledger: Characterizing Opinions, Knowledge, and Perceptions of Bitcoin Across Users and Non-Users
Hosting via Airbnb: Motivations and Financial Assurances in Monetized Network Hospitality

Session: Designing Physical Games

Digitally Augmenting Sports: An Opportunity for Exploring and Understanding Novel Balancing Techniques
SwimTrain: Exploring Exergame Design for Group Fitness Swimming

Session: Work, Multitasking, and Distraction

Influence of Display Transparency on Background Awareness and Task Performance
Email Duration, Batching and Self-interruption: Patterns of Email Use on Productivity and Stress
'Don't Waste My Time': Use of Time Information Improves Focus
Neurotics Can't Focus: An in situ Study of Online Multitasking in the Workplace

Session: Physical Disability and Assistive Technologies

An Intimate Laboratory?: Prostheses as a Tool for Experimenting with Identity and Normalcy
The Design of Assistive Location-based Technologies for People with Ambulatory Disabilities: A Formative Study
Helping Hands: Requirements for a Prototyping Methodology for Upper-limb Prosthetics Users
Motivating Stroke Rehabilitation Through Music: A Feasibility Study Using Digital Musical Instruments in the Home

Session: Citizenry and the Science? Design as Inquiry and Participation

Everyday Food Science as a Design Space for Community Literacy and Habitual Sustainable Practice
You Put What, Where?: Hobbyist Use of Insertable Devices
On Looking at the Vagina through Labella
Citizens for Science and Science for Citizens: The View from Participatory Design
To Sign Up, or not to Sign Up?: Maximizing Citizen Science Contribution Rates through Optional Registration

Session: Evaluating Technological Application in Education

Facilitator, Functionary, Friend or Foe?: Studying the Role of iPads within Learning Activities Across a School Year

Session: Quantifying Efficiency of Input Methods

Modeling the Steering Time Difference between Narrowing and Widening Tunnels
Modelling Error Rates in Temporal Pointing

Session: Mobile Behaviors

Monetary Assessment of Battery Life on Smartphones
Technology at the Table: Attitudes about Mobile Phone Use at Mealtimes
I thought she would like to read it: Exploring Sharing Behaviors in the Context of Declining Mobile Web Use
Forget-me-not: History-less Mobile Messaging

Session: Touchscreen Interactions

Detecting Swipe Errors on Touchscreens using Grip Modulation
Characterizing How Interface Complexity Affects Children's Touchscreen Interactions
Smart Touch: Improving Touch Accuracy for People with Motor Impairments with Template Matching
Indirect 2D Touch Panning: How Does It Affect Spatial Memory and Navigation Performance?
EyeSwipe: Dwell-free Text Entry Using Gaze Paths

Session: VR & Feedback

Annexing Reality: Enabling Opportunistic Use of Everyday Objects as Tangible Proxies in Augmented Reality
Haptic Retargeting: Dynamic Repurposing of Passive Haptics for Enhanced Virtual Reality Experiences
HaptoClone (Haptic-Optical Clone) for Mutual Tele-Environment by Real-time 3D Image Transfer with Midair Force Feedback
Dexmo: An Inexpensive and Lightweight Mechanical Exoskeleton for Motion Capture and Force Feedback in VR
SwiVRChair: A Motorized Swivel Chair to Nudge Users' Orientation for 360 Degree Storytelling in Virtual Reality

Session: Gamification

Personality-targeted Gamification: A Survey Study on Personality Traits and Motivational Affordances
Gamer Style: Performance Factors in Gamified Simulation
Don't Whip Me With Your Games: Investigating "Bottom-Up" Gamification
'Choose a Game': Creation and Evaluation of a Prototype Tool to Support Therapists in Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Session: Displays and Shared Interactions

Negotiating for Space?: Collaborative Work Using a Wall Display with Mouse and Touch Input
An Actionable Approach to Understand Group Experience in Complex, Multi-surface Spaces
Shared Interaction on a Wall-Sized Display in a Data Manipulation Task
Creating Your Bubble: Personal Space On and Around Large Public Displays
Gaze-based Notetaking for Learning from Lecture Videos

Session: Mental Health in Technology Design and Social Media

Discovering Shifts to Suicidal Ideation from Mental Health Content in Social Media
Recovery Amid Pro-Anorexia: Analysis of Recovery in Social Media
Health Technologies 'In the Wild': Experiences of Engagement with Computerised CBT
Challenges for Designing new Technology for Health and Wellbeing in a Complex Mental Healthcare Context

Session: Visual Impairment and Technology

Haptic Wave: A Cross-Modal Interface for Visually Impaired Audio Producers
I Always Wanted to See the Night Sky: Blind User Preferences for Sensory Substitution Devices
Linespace: A Sensemaking Platform for the Blind
Tangible Reels: Construction and Exploration of Tangible Maps by Visually Impaired Users

Session: What lies beyond? Design and Infrastructure through a Critical Lens

Breaking Down While Building Up: Design and Decline in Emerging Infrastructures
Logistics as Care and Control: An Investigation into the UNICEF Supply Division
The Ins and Outs of HCI for Development
Design(ing) 'Here' and 'There': Tech Entrepreneurs, Global Markets, and Reflexivity in Design Processes

Session: Design, Labour and the Invisible Perils of Crowdsourcing

Why would anybody do this?: Understanding Older Adults' Motivations and Challenges in Crowd Work
The Knowledge Accelerator: Big Picture Thinking in Small Pieces
Taking a HIT: Designing around Rejection, Mistrust, Risk, and Workers' Experiences in Amazon Mechanical Turk

Session: HCI and Physiological Interactions

Framework for Electroencephalography-based Evaluation of User Experience
Intelligent Agents and Networked Buttons Improve Free-Improvised Ensemble Music-Making on Touch-Screens

Session: In-Air Gesture

M.Gesture: An Acceleration-Based Gesture Authoring System on Multiple Handheld and Wearable Devices
Do That, There: An Interaction Technique for Addressing In-Air Gesture Systems
EMPress: Practical Hand Gesture Classification with Wrist-Mounted EMG and Pressure Sensing
Skeletons and Silhouettes: Comparing User Representations at a Gesture-based Large Display
Proactive Sensing for Improving Hand Pose Estimation

Session: Curation and Algorithms

First I "like" it, then I hide it: Folk Theories of Social Feeds
Accounting for Taste: Ranking Curators and Content in Social Networks
How Much Information?: Effects of Transparency on Trust in an Algorithmic Interface
Communities Found by Users -- not Algorithms: Comparing Human and Algorithmically Generated Communities
Hashtag Drift: Tracing the Evolving Uses of Political Hashtags Over Time

Session: Contextual Awareness

The Impact of the Encoding View in Location-Based Reminders: Improving Prospective Remembering
Technology and the Politics of Mobility: Evidence Generation in Accessible Transport Activism
Supporting Opportunities for Context-Aware Social Matching: An Experience Sampling Study
Helping Computers Understand Geographically-Bound Activity Restrictions

Session: Distance Still Matters

RAMPARTS: Supporting Sensemaking with Spatially-Aware Mobile Interactions
Far but Near or Near but Far?: The Effects of Perceived Distance on the Relationship between Geographic Dispersion and Perceived Diversity
Ritual Machines I & II: Making Technology at Home
Office Social: Presentation Interactivity for Nearby Devices
Gazed and Confused: Understanding and Designing Shared Gaze for Remote Collaboration

Session: Enabling End-Users and Designers

Using and Exploring Hierarchical Data in Spreadsheets
Airways: Optimization-Based Planning of Quadrotor Trajectories according to High-Level User Goals
SelPh: Progressive Learning and Support of Manual Photo Color Enhancement
A Live, Multiple-Representation Probabilistic Programming Environment for Novices

Session: Interventions to Design Theory

Dynamics, Multiplicity and Conceptual Blends in HCI
From Research Prototype to Research Product
Designing Media Architecture: Tools and Approaches for Addressing the Main Design Challenges

Session: HCI and Gender

An Archive of Their Own: A Case Study of Feminist HCI and Values in Design
Finding Gender-Inclusiveness Software Issues with GenderMag: A Field Investigation
HCI and Intimate Care as an Agenda for Change in Women's Health
A Feminist HCI Approach to Designing Postpartum Technologies: "When I first saw a breast pump I was wondering if it was a joke"

Session: Complex Tasks and Learning in Crowdsourcing

Toward a Learning Science for Complex Crowdsourcing Tasks
Learning From the Crowd: Observational Learning in Crowdsourcing Communities
Atelier: Repurposing Expert Crowdsourcing Tasks as Micro-internships
Supporting Collaborative Writing with Microtasks

Session: Game and Design

Designing Brutal Multiplayer Video Games
Thighrim and Calf-Life: A Study of the Conversion of Off-the-Shelf Video Games into Exergames

Session: Crowdsourcing and Creation: Large-scale Ideas and Content Production

Enabling Designers to Foresee Which Colors Users Cannot See
Scaffolding Community Documentary Film Making using Commissioning Templates
Comparing Different Sensemaking Approaches for Large-Scale Ideation
Improving Comprehension of Numbers in the News

Session: Embodied Interaction

Sketching Shape-changing Interfaces: Exploring Vocabulary, Metaphors Use, and Affordances
Understanding Affordance, System State, and Feedback in Shape-Changing Buttons
Materiable: Rendering Dynamic Material Properties in Response to Direct Physical Touch with Shape Changing Interfaces
High-Low Split: Divergent Cognitive Construal Levels Triggered by Digital and Non-digital Platforms
ShapeCanvas: An Exploration of Shape-Changing Content Generation by Members of the Public

Session: Big Data and Local Society

Finding the Way to OSM Mapping Practices: Bounding Large Crisis Datasets for Qualitative Investigation
Infrastructure in the Wild: What Mapping in Post-Earthquake Nepal Reveals about Infrastructural Emergence
Why and How Traffic Safety Cultures Matter when Designing Advisory Traffic Information Systems
It's Just My History Isn't It?: Understanding Smart Journaling Practices

Session: Touch Interaction

Expressy: Using a Wrist-worn Inertial Measurement Unit to Add Expressiveness to Touch-based Interactions
Partially-indirect Bimanual Input with Gaze, Pen, and Touch for Pan, Zoom, and Ink Interaction
Hammer Time!: A Low-Cost, High Precision, High Accuracy Tool to Measure the Latency of Touchscreen Devices
Pre-Touch Sensing for Mobile Interaction

Session: Managing Design for Life Disruptions

Transition Resilience with ICTs: 'Identity Awareness' in Veteran Re-Integration
Digital Footprints and Changing Networks During Online Identity Transitions
Legacy Contact: Designing and Implementing Post-mortem Stewardship at Facebook
PS. I Love You: Understanding the Impact of Posthumous Digital Messages

Session: Civic Tech, Participation and Society

Data and the City
Reflections on Deploying Distributed Consultation Technologies with Community Organisations
Re-Making Places: HCI, 'Community Building' and Change
Data, Design and Civics: An Exploratory Study of Civic Tech

Session: Players' Motivations in Games

Fostering Intrinsic Motivation through Avatar Identification in Digital Games
Negative Emotion, Positive Experience?: Emotionally Moving Moments in Digital Games
The Effects of Social Exclusion on Play Experience and Hostile Cognitions in Digital Games
Designing Closeness to Increase Gamers' Performance

Session: Workplace Social Performance

What is Your Organization 'Like'?: A Study of Liking Activity in the Enterprise
Find an Expert: Designing Expert Selection Interfaces for Formal Help-Giving
The Role of ICT in Office Work Breaks
Let's Stitch Me and You Together!: Designing a Photo Co-creation Activity to Stimulate Playfulness in the Workplace

Session: Patients' Participation in Online and Offline Settings

The Quantified Patient in the Doctor's Office: Challenges & Opportunities
Breaking the Sound Barrier: Designing for Patient Participation in Audiological Consultations
Who's the Doctor?: Physicians' Perception of Internet Informed Patients in India
Not Just a Receiver: Understanding Patient Behavior in the Hospital Environment

Session: User Experience and Performance

The Impact of Causal Attributions on System Evaluation in Usability Tests
Personality of Interaction: Expressing Brand Personalities Through Interaction Aesthetics
Somaesthetic Appreciation Design

Session: Microtasks and Crowdsourcing

Chain Reactions: The Impact of Order on Microtask Chains
How One Microtask Affects Another
Embracing Error to Enable Rapid Crowdsourcing
Alloy: Clustering with Crowds and Computation

Session: Software and Programming Tools

Towards Providing On-Demand Expert Support for Software Developers
The Social Side of Software Platform Ecosystems
Tales of Software Updates: The process of updating software
Trigger-Action Programming in the Wild: An Analysis of 200,000 IFTTT Recipes
Using Runtime Traces to Improve Documentation and Unit Test Authoring for Dynamic Languages

Session: Did you feel the vibration-- Haptic Feedback Everywhere)

Cross-Field Aerial Haptics: Rendering Haptic Feedback in Air with Light and Acoustic Fields
HapTurk: Crowdsourcing Affective Ratings of Vibrotactile Icons
ActiVibe: Design and Evaluation of Vibrations for Progress Monitoring
Motion Guidance Sleeve: Guiding the Forearm Rotation through External Artificial Muscles
GauntLev: A Wearable to Manipulate Free-floating Objects

Session: Designing for Attention and Multitasking

Spatio-Temporal Modeling and Prediction of Visual Attention in Graphical User Interfaces
Now Check Your Input: Brief Task Lockouts Encourage Checking, Longer Lockouts Encourage Task Switching
Getting Users' Attention in Web Apps in Likable, Minimally Annoying Ways
Window Shopping: A Study of Desktop Window Switching

Session: Politics on Social Media

Constructing the Visual Online Political Self: An Analysis of Instagram Use by the Scottish Electorate
#Snowden: Understanding Biases Introduced by Behavioral Differences of Opinion Groups on Social Media
ICT Use by Prominent Activists in Republika Srpska
Gender and Ideology in the Spread of Anti-Abortion Policy

Session: Gesture Elicitation and Interaction

Between-Subjects Elicitation Studies: Formalization and Tool Support
User Elicitation on Single-hand Microgestures
PathSync: Multi-User Gestural Interaction with Touchless Rhythmic Path Mimicry
Machine Learning of Personal Gesture Variation in Music Conducting
Fingers of a Hand Oscillate Together: Phase Syncronisation of Tremor in Hover Touch Sensing

Session: Supporting Player Performance

The Mimesis Effect: The Effect of Roles on Player Choice in Interactive Narrative Role-Playing Games
Scaffolding Player Location Awareness through Audio Cues in First-Person Shooters
How Disclosing Skill Assistance Affects Play Experience in a Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Game
Using an International Gaming Tournament to Study Individual Differences in MOBA Expertise and Cognitive Skills

Session: End-User Programming

Crossed Wires: Investigating the Problems of End-User Developers in a Physical Computing Task
LondonTube: Overcoming Hidden Dependencies in Cloud-Mobile-Web Programming
Foraging Among an Overabundance of Similar Variants
Chronicler: Interactive Exploration of Source Code History

Session: Health Support

AugKey: Increasing Foveal Throughput in Eye Typing with Augmented Keys
Counting on the Group: Reconciling Online and Offline Social Support among Older Informal Caregivers
A Sociotechnical Mechanism for Online Support Provision
HaptiColor: Interpolating Color Information as Haptic Feedback to Assist the Colorblind

Session: Participating in Well-Being and Family

Shared Language and the Design of Home Healthcare Technology
Children's Perspectives on Ethical Issues Surrounding Their Past Involvement on a Participatory Design Team
The Evolution of Engagements and Social Bonds During Child-Parent Co-design
Youth Advocacy in SNAs: Challenges for Addressing Health Disparities
ThoughtCloud: Exploring the Role of Feedback Technologies in Care Organisations

Session: Input Technology

Make It Big!: The Effect of Font Size and Line Spacing on Online Readability
Fitts' Law and the Effects of Input Mapping and Stiffness on Flexible Display Interactions

Session: Comprehension through Visualization

Towards Understanding Human Similarity Perception in the Analysis of Large Sets of Scatter Plots
Telling Stories about Dynamic Networks with Graph Comics

Session: Haptic Sensation Meets Screens

Direct Manipulation in Tactile Displays
HapThimble: A Wearable Haptic Device towards Usable Virtual Touch Screen
Haptic Edge Display for Mobile Tactile Interaction
Tactile Presentation to the Back of a Smartphone with Simultaneous Screen Operation

Session: Smartphone Authentication

Free-Form Gesture Authentication in the Wild
SnapApp: Reducing Authentication Overhead with a Time-Constrained Fast Unlock Option
Do Users' Perceptions of Password Security Match Reality?
On-Demand Biometrics: Fast Cross-Device Authentication

Session: Shape Changing Displays

TableHop: An Actuated Fabric Display Using Transparent Electrodes
An Evaluation of Shape Changes for Conveying Emotions
Emergeables: Deformable Displays for Continuous Eyes-Free Mobile Interaction
DefSense: Computational Design of Customized Deformable Input Devices

Session: Fat Fingers, Small Watches

WatchWriter: Tap and Gesture Typing on a Smartwatch Miniature Keyboard with Statistical Decoding
Exploring Non-touchscreen Gestures for Smartwatches
WearWrite: Crowd-Assisted Writing from Smartwatches
Serendipity: Finger Gesture Recognition using an Off-the-Shelf Smartwatch
B2B-Swipe: Swipe Gesture for Rectangular Smartwatches from a Bezel to a Bezel

Session: Online Communities - Identities and Behaviors

Anonymity, Intimacy and Self-Disclosure in Social Media
Look Before You Leap: Improving the Users' Ability to Detect Fraud in Electronic Marketplaces

Session: Affording Collective Action in Social Media

Mediating the Undercurrents: Using Social Media to Sustain a Social Movement
Designing Cyberbullying Mitigation and Prevention Solutions through Participatory Design With Teenagers
Understanding Social Media Disclosures of Sexual Abuse Through the Lenses of Support Seeking and Anonymity
Dear Diary: Teens Reflect on Their Weekly Online Risk Experiences

Session: Designing New Player Experiences

Contextual Autonomy Support in Video Game Play: A Grounded Theory
Sensation: Measuring the Effects of a Human-to-Human Social Touch Based Controller on the Player Experience
I Love All the Bits: The Materiality of Boardgames
Destructive Games: Creating Value by Destroying Valuable Physical Objects

Session: Usability and User Burden

Understanding the Relationship between Frustration and the Severity of Usability Problems: What can Psychophysiological Data (Not) Tell Us?
Developing and Validating the User Burden Scale: A Tool for Assessing User Burden in Computing Systems
COGCAM: Contact-free Measurement of Cognitive Stress During Computer Tasks with a Digital Camera
When Bad Feels Good: Assistance Failures and Interface Preferences
Using fNIRS in Usability Testing: Understanding the Effect of Web Form Layout on Mental Workload

Session: Reflection on UX Design

Stereotypes and Politics: Reflections on Personas
Pushing the Limits of Design Fiction: The Case For Fictional Research Papers
It's More of a Mindset Than a Method: UX Practitioners' Conception of Design Methods
Why Design Method Development is Not Always Carried Out as User-Centered Design

Session: Display and Visualizations

'A bit like British Weather, I suppose': Design and Evaluation of the Temperature Calendar
iVoLVER: Interactive Visual Language for Visualization Extraction and Reconstruction

Session: Reward me! Motivating and Incentivising Crowdsourcing

Novices Who Focused or Experts Who Didn't?
Curiosity Killed the Cat, but Makes Crowdwork Better
Pay It Backward: Per-Task Payments on Crowdsourcing Platforms Reduce Productivity
Investigating the Impact of 'Emphasis Frames' and Social Loafing on Player Motivation and Performance in a Crowdsourcing Game

Session: Making Interfaces Work for Each Individual

We Need Numbers!: Heuristic Evaluation during Demonstrations (HED) for Measuring Usability in IT System Procurement
Interface Design Optimization as a Multi-Armed Bandit Problem
Anchored Customization: Anchoring Settings to the Application Interface to Afford Customization
Heterogeneity in Customization of Recommender Systems By Users with Homogenous Preferences

Session: Everyday Objects as Interaction Surfaces

TouchTokens: Guiding Touch Patterns with Passive Tokens
Designing a Willing-to-Use-in-Public Hand Gestural Interaction Technique for Smart Glasses
Project Jacquard: Interactive Digital Textiles at Scale
GaussMarbles: Spherical Magnetic Tangibles for Interacting with Portable Physical Constraints
GaussRFID: Reinventing Physical Toys Using Magnetic RFID Development Kits

Session: Fingers and Technology

The Flat Finger: Exploring Area Touches on Smartwatches
The Performance and Preference of Different Fingers and Chords for Pointing, Dragging, and Object Transformation
How We Type: Movement Strategies and Performance in Everyday Typing
Finger-Aware Shortcuts

Session: Privacy over Time and Relationships

Autonomous and Interdependent: Collaborative Privacy Management on Social Networking Sites
We're on the Same Page: A Usability Study of Secure Email Using Pairs of Novice Users
Enhancing Lifelogging Privacy by Detecting Screens
Sharing Steps in the Workplace: Changing Privacy Concerns Over Time
You Can't Watch This!: Privacy-Respectful Photo Browsing on Smartphones

Session: Supporting Player Social Experiences

Revisiting Computer-Mediated Intimacy: In-Game Marriage and Dyadic Gameplay in Audition
Ping to Win?: Non-Verbal Communication and Team Performance in Competitive Online Multiplayer Games
The Proficiency-Congruency Dilemma: Virtual Team Design and Performance in Multiplayer Online Games
Design and Evaluation of a Multi-Player Mobile Game for Icebreaking Activity

Session: How Does It Look? Evaluating Visual Design

An EEG-based Approach for Evaluating Graphic Icons from the Perspective of Semantic Distance
Aesthetic Appeal and Visual Usability in Four Icon Design Eras
The Effect of Thermal Stimuli on the Emotional Perception of Images
Using Crowd Sourcing to Measure the Effects of System Response Delays on User Engagement

Session: Participatory Design (PD) and Applications

Multi-lifespan Design Thinking: Two Methods and a Case Study with the Rwandan Diaspora
Participation Gestalt: Analysing Participatory Qualities of Interaction in Public Space
Designing Movement-based Play With Young People Using Powered Wheelchairs
Participatory Design through a Learning Science Lens

Session: Health Support & Management

Speeching: Mobile Crowdsourced Speech Assessment to Support Self-Monitoring and Management for People with Parkinson's
Investigating the Heart Pump Implant Decision Process: Opportunities for Decision Support Tools to Help
Finding Significant Stress Episodes in a Discontinuous Time Series of Rapidly Varying Mobile Sensor Data
Designing Guidelines for Mobile Health Technology: Managing Notification Interruptions in the ICU

Session: UX and Usability Methods

Momentary Pleasure or Lasting Meaning?: Distinguishing Eudaimonic and Hedonic User Experiences
Researcher-Centered Design of Statistics: Why Bayesian Statistics Better Fit the Culture and Incentives of HCI
Utilizing Employees as Usability Participants: Exploring When and When Not to Leverage Your Coworkers

Session: Backstage of Crowdsourcing Legitimacy, Performance and Crowd Support

The Power of Collective Endorsements: Credibility Factors in Medical Crowdfunding Campaigns
Legitimacy Work: Invisible Work in Philanthropic Crowdfunding
Extracting Heart Rate from Videos of Online Participants
Highly Successful Projects Inhibit Coordination on Crowdfunding Sites
Stories We Tell About Labor: Turkopticon and the Trouble with "Design"

Session: Expressive HCI

Storeoboard: Sketching Stereoscopic Storyboards
Skuid: Sketching Dynamic Illustrations Using the Principles of 2D Animation
Object-Oriented Drawing

Session: Search and Discovery

Pick me!: Getting Noticed on Google Play
Diving in at the Deep End: The Value of Alternative In-Situ Approaches for Systematic Library Search
Empath: Understanding Topic Signals in Large-Scale Text
Peek-a-View: Smartphone Cover Interaction for Multi-Tasking

Session: Interaction with Small Displays

Faster Command Selection on Touchscreen Watches
Doppio: A Reconfigurable Dual-Face Smartwatch for Tangible Interaction
Supporting Transitions to Expertise in Hidden Toolbars
Investigating Effects of Post-Selection Feedback for Acquiring Ultra-Small Targets on Touchscreen

Session: How can Smartphones Fit Our Lives?

A Systematic Assessment of Smartphone Usage Gaps
Journeys & Notes: Designing Social Computing for Non-Places
PowerShake: Power Transfer Interactions for Mobile Devices
MyTime: Designing and Evaluating an Intervention for Smartphone Non-Use

Session: Video Sharing

Motives and Concerns of Dashcam Video Sharing
Meerkat and Periscope: I Stream, You Stream, Apps Stream for Live Streams
The Tyranny of the Everyday in Mobile Video Messaging
Impact of Video Summary Viewing on Episodic Memory Recall: Design Guidelines for Video Summarizations

Session: Privacy and Security Interfaces

The Anatomy of Smartphone Unlocking: A Field Study of Android Lock Screens
On Multiple Password Interference of Touch Screen Patterns and Text Passwords
Keep on Lockin' in the Free World: A Multi-National Comparison of Smartphone Locking

Session: Detecting User Emotion

AniSAM & AniAvatar: Animated Visualizations of Affective States
Hot Under the Collar: Mapping Thermal Feedback to Dimensional Models of Emotion
UX Heatmaps: Mapping User Experience on Visual Interfaces

Session: Diverse Disabilities and Technological Support

Universal Design Ballot Interfaces on Voting Performance and Satisfaction of Voters with and without Vision Loss
SayWAT: Augmenting Face-to-Face Conversations for Adults with Autism
The AT Effect: How Disability Affects the Perceived Social Acceptability of Head-Mounted Display Use
Tickers and Talker: An Accessible Labeling Toolkit for 3D Printed Models

Session: Robot Personalities

The Effect of Displaying System Confidence Information on the Usage of Autonomous Systems for Non-specialist Applications: A Lab Study
Why That Nao?: How Humans Adapt to a Conventional Humanoid Robot in Taking Turns-at-Talk
ID-Match: A Hybrid Computer Vision and RFID System for Recognizing Individuals in Groups
Help Me Please: Robot Politeness Strategies for Soliciting Help From Humans

Session: Problem-solving or not? The Boundaries of HCI Research

HCI Research as Problem-Solving
Anti-Solutionist Strategies: Seriously Silly Design Fiction
Designing Speculative Civics
Experimental Systems in Research through Design
Social Inequality and HCI: The View from Political Economy

Session: Visualization Methods and Evaluation

Egocentric Analysis of Dynamic Networks with EgoLines
ResViz: Politics and Design Issues in Visualizing Academic Metrics
Evaluating Information Visualization via the Interplay of Heuristic Evaluation and Question-Based Scoring
A Comparison of Cooperative and Competitive Visualizations for Co-located Collaboration
The Effect of Richer Visualizations on Code Comprehension

Session: Transportation and HCI

Peer-to-peer in the Workplace: A View from the Road
A Design Space to Support the Development of Windshield Applications for the Car
When (ish) is My Bus?: User-centered Visualizations of Uncertainty in Everyday, Mobile Predictive Systems
Error Recovery in Multitasking While Driving

Session: Interaction Techniques for Mobile Interfaces

Personalized Compass: A Compact Visualization for Direction and Location
SymmetriSense: Enabling Near-Surface Interactivity on Glossy Surfaces using a Single Commodity Smartphone
FlexCase: Enhancing Mobile Interaction with a Flexible Sensing and Display Cover
Evaluation of a Smart-Restorable Backspace Technique to Facilitate Text Entry Error Correction
TapBoard 2: Simple and Effective Touchpad-like Interaction on a Multi-Touch Surface Keyboard

Session: Eye Gaze

Building a Personalized, Auto-Calibrating Eye Tracker from User Interactions
Can Eye Help You?: Effects of Visualizing Eye Fixations on Remote Collaboration Scenarios for Physical Tasks
Gaze-Contingent Manipulation of Color Perception
Spotlights: Attention-Optimized Highlights for Skim Reading

Session: Mental Models of Privacy

If You Put All The Pieces Together...: Attitudes Towards Data Combination and Sharing Across Services and Companies
Privacy Personas: Clustering Users via Attitudes and Behaviors toward Security Practices
It's Creepy, But it Doesn't Bother Me
Make it Simple, or Force Users to Read?: Paraphrased Design Improves Comprehension of End User License Agreements
Behavior Ever Follows Intention?: A Validation of the Security Behavior Intentions Scale (SeBIS)

Session: Living in Smart Environments

It is too Hot: An In-Situ Study of Three Designs for Heating
Living In A Prototype: A Reconfigured Space
Like Having a Really Bad PA: The Gulf between User Expectation and Experience of Conversational Agents
LivingDesktop: Augmenting Desktop Workstation with Actuated Devices

Session: Design for Health Care

Technological Caregiving: Supporting Online Activity for Adults with Cognitive Impairments
Closing the Gap: Supporting Patients' Transition to Self-Management after Hospitalization
Care Partnerships: Toward Technology to Support Teens' Participation in Their Health Care

Session: Representing User Experience

Data-driven Personas: Constructing Archetypal Users with Clickstreams and User Telemetry
Evaluating the Paper-to-Screen Translation of Participant-Aided Sociograms with High-Risk Participants

Session: Making Music on the Brain

Learn Piano with BACh: An Adaptive Learning Interface that Adjusts Task Difficulty Based on Brain State
#Scanners: Exploring the Control of Adaptive Films using Brain-Computer Interaction
Inspect, Embody, Invent: A Design Framework for Music Learning and Beyond

Session: Natural User Interfaces for InfoVis

TimeFork: Interactive Prediction of Time Series
The Effect of Visual Appearance on the Performance of Continuous Sliders and Visual Analogue Scales
Making Sense of Temporal Queries with Interactive Visualization
Investigating Time Series Visualisations to Improve the User Experience

Session: Multi-Device Interaction

Smartwatch in vivo
When Tablets meet Tabletops: The Effect of Tabletop Size on Around-the-Table Collaboration with Personal Tablets
Enhancing Cross-Device Interaction Scripting with Interactive Illustrations
XDBrowser: User-Defined Cross-Device Web Page Designs

Session: Social Media and Health

With most of it being pictures now, I rarely use it: Understanding Twitter's Evolving Accessibility to Blind Users
Sleep Debt in Student Life: Online Attention Focus, Facebook, and Mood
Tell It Like It Really Is: A Case of Online Content Creation and Sharing Among Older Adult Bloggers
Social Media Image Analysis for Public Health
It Matters If My Friends Stop Smoking: Social Support for Behavior Change in Social Media

Session: Engaging Players in Games

Designing Engaging Games Using Bayesian Optimization
Operationalising and Evaluating Sub-Optimal and Optimal Play Experiences through Challenge-Skill Manipulation
How to Present Game Difficulty Choices?: Exploring the Impact on Player Experience
Peak-End Effects on Player Experience in Casual Games

Session: Food as Method and Inquiry

My Doctor is Keeping an Eye on Me!: Exploring the Clinical Applicability of a Mobile Food Logger
Crumbs: Lightweight Daily Food Challenges to Promote Engagement and Mindfulness
Evaluation of a Food Portion Size Estimation Interface for a Varying Literacy Population
Examining Unlock Journaling with Diaries and Reminders for In Situ Self-Report in Health and Wellness

Session: Medical Device Sensing

Delineating the Operational Envelope of Mobile and Conventional EDA Sensing on Key Body Locations
SpiroCall: Measuring Lung Function over a Phone Call
Interacting with Predictions: Visual Inspection of Black-box Machine Learning Models
Musically Informed Sonification for Chronic Pain Rehabilitation: Facilitating Progress & Avoiding Over-Doing
KeDiary: Using Mobile Phones to Assist Patients in Recovering from Drug Addiction

Session: Supporting Information Seeking

The 32 Days of Christmas: Understanding Temporal Intent in Image Search Queries
Influence of Content Layout and Motivation on Users' Herd Behavior in Social Discovery
Age-related Differences in the Content of Search Queries when Reformulating

Session: Designing New Materials and Manufacturing Techniques

Steel-Sense: Integrating Machine Elements with Sensors by Additive Manufacturing
xPrint: A Modularized Liquid Printer for Smart Materials Deposition
Cilllia: 3D Printed Micro-Pillar Structures for Surface Texture, Actuation and Sensing
Foldem: Heterogeneous Object Fabrication via Selective Ablation of Multi-Material Sheets

Session: Eye Tracking Applications

A Model Relating Pupil Diameter to Mental Workload and Lighting Conditions
Pointing while Looking Elsewhere: Designing for Varying Degrees of Visual Guidance during Manual Input
EyeGrip: Detecting Targets in a Series of Uni-directional Moving Objects Using Optokinetic Nystagmus Eye Movements
Eye-Trace: Segmentation of Volumetric Microscopy Images with Eyegaze

Session: Large Display Interaction

The Bicycle Barometer: Design and Evaluation of Cyclist-Specific Interaction for a Public Display
HandMark Menus: Rapid Command Selection and Large Command Sets on Multi-Touch Displays
Glowworms and Fireflies: Ambient Light on Large Interactive Surfaces
Off-Limits: Interacting Beyond the Boundaries of Large Displays

Session: IoT and HCI ASAP!

Pressing Not Tapping: Comparing a Physical Button with a Smartphone App for Tagging Music in Radio Programmes
PaperID: A Technique for Drawing Functional Battery-Free Wireless Interfaces on Paper
RapID: A Framework for Fabricating Low-Latency Interactive Objects with RFID Tags
Snap-To-It: A User-Inspired Platform for Opportunistic Device Interactions

Session: Smart Homes, Devices and Data

She'll just grab any device that's closer: A Study of Everyday Device & Account Sharing in Households
Just whack it on until it gets hot: Working with IoT Data in the Home
Designing for Domestic Memorialization and Remembrance: A Field Study of Fenestra in Japan
Integrating the Smart Home into the Digital Calendar

Session: Seams of Craft, Design and Fabrication

Expanding on Wabi-Sabi as a Design Resource in HCI
The Hybrid Bricolage: Bridging Parametric Design with Craft through Algorithmic Modularity
ExoSkin: On-Body Fabrication
Mimetic Machines: Collaborative Interventions in Digital Fabrication with Arc

Session: Body and Fashion

Embodied Sketching
I don't Want to Wear a Screen: Probing Perceptions of and Possibilities for Dynamic Displays on Clothing
BeUpright: Posture Correction Using Relational Norm Intervention
Body Integrated Programmable Joints Interface
Mirror Mirror: An On-Body T-shirt Design System