Session: Non-Rigid Interaction Surfaces

bioLogic: Natto Cells as Nanoactuators for Shape Changing Interfaces
Control of Non-Solid Diffusers by Electrostatic Charging
Investigation of Material Properties for Thermal Imaging-Based Interaction
ShapeClip: Towards Rapid Prototyping with Shape-Changing Displays for Designers
FluxPaper: Reinventing Paper with Dynamic Actuation Powered by Magnetic Flux

Session: What do I hear? Communicating with Sound

TabLETS Get Physical: Non-Visual Text Entry on Tablet Devices
VocalSketch: Vocally Imitating Audio Concepts
An Evaluation of Multidimensional Controllers for Sound Design Tasks
AnnoTone: Record-time Audio Watermarking for Context-aware Video Editing
Exploring Gesture Sonification to Support Reflective Craft Practice

Session: Rethinking Evaluation for Today's HCI

Remote Paper Prototype Testing
Controlling In-the-Wild Evaluation Studies of Public Displays
Evaluation Probes
Real-World Affinity Diagramming Practices: Bridging the Paper-Digital Gap
Situational Ethics: Re-thinking Approaches to Formal Ethics Requirements for Human-Computer Interaction

Session: Improving Game Experiences

The Royal Corgi: Exploring Social Gaze Interaction for Immersive Gameplay
Exploring 3D User Interface Technologies for Improving the Gaming Experience
Quantifying and Mitigating the Negative Effects of Local Latencies on Aiming in 3D Shooter Games
First Person vs. Third Person Perspective in Digital Games: Do Player Preferences Affect Immersion?
VIZMO Game Browser: Accessing Video Games by Visual Style and Mood

Session: Facebook Newsfeeds & Friendships

I always assumed that I wasn't really that close to [her]: Reasoning about Invisible Algorithms in News Feeds
News Feed: What's in it for Me?
Understanding User Beliefs About Algorithmic Curation in the Facebook News Feed

Session: Activism in Wikipedia & Beyond

Cross-language Wikipedia Editing of Okinawa, Japan
Societal Controversies in Wikipedia Articles
Barriers to the Localness of Volunteered Geographic Information
The Heart Work of Wikipedia: Gendered, Emotional Labor in the World's Largest Online Encyclopedia
How Activists Are Both Born and Made: An Analysis of Users on Change.org

Session: HMDs & Wearables to Overcome Disabilities

Personalized, Wearable Control of a Head-mounted Display for Users with Upper Body Motor Impairments
Designing Conversation Cues on a Head-Worn Display to Support Persons with Aphasia
Head-Mounted Display Visualizations to Support Sound Awareness for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Using Interactive Machine Learning to Support Interface Development Through Workshops with Disabled People
Tongue-in-Cheek: Using Wireless Signals to Enable Non-Intrusive and Flexible Facial Gestures Detection

Session: Visualizing Data

MatrixWave: Visual Comparison of Event Sequence Data
The Effects of Representation and Juxtaposition on Graphical Perception of Matrix Visualization
g-Miner: Interactive Visual Group Mining on Multivariate Graphs
Trajectory Bundling for Animated Transitions

Session: Interaction in 3D Space

Physical Loci: Leveraging Spatial, Object and Semantic Memory for Command Selection
LeviPath: Modular Acoustic Levitation for 3D Path Visualisations
Twist and Learn: Interface Learning in 3DOF Exploration of 3D Scatterplots
THING: Introducing a Tablet-based Interaction Technique for Controlling 3D Hand Models
The Roly-Poly Mouse: Designing a Rolling Input Device Unifying 2D and 3D Interaction

Session: Understanding & Evaluating Performance

ModelTracker: Redesigning Performance Analysis Tools for Machine Learning
How Good is 85%?: A Survey Tool to Connect Classifier Evaluation to Acceptability of Accuracy
Examining the Peak-End Effects of Subjective Experience
Survival Analysis: Objective assessment of Wait Time in HCI

Session: Music & Art

Deformable Interfaces for Performing Music
Sculpting a Mobile Musical Soundtrack
Walking by Drawing
ArtMaps: Interpreting the Spatial Footprints of Artworks

Session: Supporting Change in Developing Countries

Sangeet Swara: A Community-Moderated Voice Forum in Rural India
Mobile Phones for Maternal Health in Rural India
Residual Mobilities: Infrastructural Displacement and Post-Colonial Computing in Bangladesh
M_s Tecnologia, M_s Cambio?: Investigating an Educational Technology Project in Rural Peru

Session: Privacy, Security & Interruptions

Playing the Legal Card: Using Ideation Cards to Raise Data Protection Issues within the Design Process
Crowdsourced Exploration of Security Configurations
Open Book: A Socially-inspired Cloaking Technique that Uses Lexical Abstraction to Transform Messages
Sensors Know When to Interrupt You in the Car: Detecting Driver Interruptibility Through Monitoring of Peripheral Interactions

Session: Making & Sharing Assistive Technologies

LApp: A Speech Loudness Application for People with Parkinson's on Google Glass
Designing for and with People with Parkinson's: A Focus on Exergaming
Being Seen: Co-Interpreting Parkinson's Patient's Movement Ability in Deep Brain Stimulation Programming
The Virtual Meditative Walk: Virtual Reality Therapy for Chronic Pain Management
Sharing is Caring: Assistive Technology Designs on Thingiverse

Session: Matching & Facilitating Social Interactions

Understanding the Role of Community in Online Dating
Making Social Matching Context-Aware: Design Concepts and Open Challenges
The Known Stranger: Supporting Conversations between Strangers with Personalized Topic Suggestions
Augmenting Social Interactions: Realtime Behavioural Feedback using Social Signal Processing Techniques

Session: Reflecting Upon Design Reflection

Understanding Long-Term Interactions with a Slow Technology: an Investigation of Experiences with FutureMe
Reflective Informatics: Conceptual Dimensions for Designing Technologies of Reflection
Stock Lamp: An Engagement-Versatile Visualization Design
Real-Time Representation Versus Response Elicitation in Biosensor Data

Session: Makers & Hackers

Tutorial Authorship and Hybrid Designers: The Joy (and Frustration) of DIY Tutorials
Hybrid Practice in the Kalahari: Design Collaboration through Digital Tools and Hunter-Gatherer Craft
The Proper Care and Feeding of Hackerspaces: Care Ethics and Cultures of Making
Patterns of Physical Design Remixing in Online Maker Communities

Session: How Fast Can you Type on your Phone?

Effects of Language Modeling and its Personalization on Touchscreen Typing Performance
VelociTap: Investigating Fast Mobile Text Entry using Sentence-Based Decoding of Touchscreen Keyboard Input
Text Entry on Tiny QWERTY Soft Keyboards
Performance and User Experience of Touchscreen and Gesture Keyboards in a Lab Setting and in the Wild

Session: Understand & Enhancing Learning

Using Time-Anchored Peer Comments to Enhance Social Interaction in Online Educational Videos
Designing a Physical Aid to Support Active Reading on Tablets

Session: Family Communication

Couples' Communication Channels: What, When & Why?
The Messaging Kettle: Prototyping Connection over a Distance between Adult Children and Older Parents
The Effect of Signal Expense and Dependability on Family Communication in Rural and Northern Canada
Texting while Parenting: How Adults Use Mobile Phones while Caring for Children at the Playground
Exploring Time-Dependent Concerns about Pregnancy and Childbirth from Search Logs

Session: Crowdsourcing Fans & Friends

Run Spot Run: Capturing and Tagging Footage of a Race by Crowds of Spectators
Crowdsourcing Synchronous Spectator Support: (go on, go on, you're the best)n-1
Bootlegger: Turning Fans into Film Crew
In-group Questions and Out-group Answers: Crowdsourcing Daily Living Advice for Individuals with Autism

Session: Managing Personal Privacy

Your Location has been Shared 5,398 Times!: A Field Study on Mobile App Privacy Nudging
Can an Algorithm Know the "Real You"?: Understanding People's Reactions to Hyper-personal Analytics Systems
Privacy Tipping Points in Smartphones Privacy Preferences
VeilMe: An Interactive Visualization Tool for Privacy Configuration of Using Personality Traits

Session: Health Sensors & Monitoring

No News is Good News: Remote Monitoring of Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Patients
Smart Homes that Monitor Breathing and Heart Rate
Balancing Accuracy and Fun: Designing Camera Based Mobile Games for Implicit Heart Rate Monitoring
Measuring Photoplethysmogram-Based Stress-Induced Vascular Response Index to Assess Cognitive Load and Stress

Session: Collaborative Tables, Walls & Rooms

Fluid Grouping: Quantifying Group Engagement around Interactive Tabletop Exhibits in the Wild
Flexible Ecologies And Incongruent Locations
Mapping out Work in a Mixed Reality Project Room

Session: The Value of Things

On Vintage Values: The Experience of Secondhand Fashion Reacquisition
Your Money's No Good Here: The Elimination of Cash Payment on London Buses
Informing and Improving Retirement Saving Performance using Behavioral Economics Theory-driven User Interfaces

Session: Muscle-Computer Interfaces

Advancing Muscle-Computer Interfaces with High-Density Electromyography
Proprioceptive Interaction

Session: Phones for more than Just Talking & Text

AudioScope: Smartphones as Directional Microphones in Mobile Audio Augmented Reality Systems
ScanShot: Detecting Document Capture Moments and Correcting Device Orientation
Mechanics of Camera Work in Mobile Video Collaboration
Reducing the Stress of Coordination: Sharing Travel Time Information Between Contacts on Mobile Phones
You Can't Smoke Here: Towards Support for Space Usage Rules in Location-aware Technologies

Session: Search & Recommendations

Blended Recommending: Integrating Interactive Information Filtering and Algorithmic Recommender Techniques
A Large-Scale Study of User Image Search Behavior on the Web
DynamicMaps: Similarity-based Browsing through a Massive Set of Images
S.O.S.: Does Your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Need Help?

Session: Kids Haptic, Wearable, Tangible Learning

FeelSleeve: Haptic Feedback to Enhance Early Reading
BodyVis: A New Approach to Body Learning Through Wearable Sensing and Visualization
Exploring Expressive Augmented Reality: The FingAR Puppet System for Social Pretend Play
Learning from Mixed-Reality Games: Is Shaking a Tablet as Effective as Physical Observation?

Session: Motivation & Participation

Gauging Receptiveness to Social Microvolunteering
Mobile Gamification for Crowdsourcing Data Collection: Leveraging the Freemium Model
Unequal Time for Unequal Value: Implications of Differing Motivations for Participation in Timebanking
A Muddle of Models of Motivation for Using Peer-to-Peer Economy Systems

Session: Sustainability & Recycling

Analysis of Recycling Capabilities of Individuals and Crowds to Encourage and Educate People to Separate Their Garbage Playfully
Why and what did we throw out?: Probing on Reflection through the Food Waste Diary
Energy Babble: Mixing Environmentally-Oriented Internet Content to Engage Community Groups
Beyond the Individual: The Contextual Wheel of Practice as a Research Framework for Sustainable HCI

Session: The Value of the Village in Caregiving

Effects of Public Commitments and Accountability in a Technology-Supported Physical Activity Intervention
Rare World: Towards Technology for Rare Diseases
Looking for Respite and Support: Technological Opportunities for Spousal Caregivers
Barriers and Negative Nudges: Exploring Challenges in Food Journaling

Session: I Like What I See -- Interface Aesthetics

Computation of Interface Aesthetics
Patina Engraver: Visualizing Activity Logs as Patina in Fashionable Trackers
Real-time Guidance Camera Interface to Enhance Photo Aesthetic Quality
Infographic Aesthetics: Designing for the First Impression
ISOTYPE Visualization: Working Memory, Performance, and Engagement with Pictographs

Session: Supporting Creativity through UX Design

GEM-NI: A System for Creating and Managing Alternatives In Generative Design
Motif: Supporting Novice Creativity through Expert Patterns
DesignScape: Design with Interactive Layout Suggestions
Using Game Principles in UX Research: A Board Game for Eliciting Future User Needs

Session: Smartwatch Interaction

Investigating the Information Transfer Efficiency of a 3x3 Watch-back Tactile Display
SplitBoard: A Simple Split Soft Keyboard for Wristwatch-sized Touch Screens
Beats: Tapping Gestures for Smart Watches
WatchConnect: A Toolkit for Prototyping Smartwatch-Centric Cross-Device Applications
It's About Time: Smartwatches as Public Displays

Session: Tangible Interactions

TUIkit: Evaluating Physical and Functional Experiences of Tangible User Interface Prototypes
Lamello: Passive Acoustic Sensing for Tangible Input Components
WonderLens: Optical Lenses and Mirrors for Tangible Interactions on Printed Paper
FugaciousFilm: Exploring Attentive Interaction with Ephemeral Material
3D Printing Pneumatic Device Controls with Variable Activation Force Capabilities

Session: New Evaluation Approaches

Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap: Lessons and Challenges of Applying the Attachment Framework for Sustainable HCI Design
The Transfer of Learning as HCI Similarity: Towards an Objective Assessment of the Sensory-Motor Basis of Naturalness
Formalizing Agreement Analysis for Elicitation Studies: New Measures, Significance Test, and Toolkit
Exploring the Effect of Pre-operational Priming Intervention on Number Entry Errors

Session: Evaluating Crowdsourcing

Comparing Person- and Process-centric Strategies for Obtaining Quality Data on Amazon Mechanical Turk
Crowdsourced Feedback With Imagery Rather Than Text: Would Designers Use It?
Measuring Crowdsourcing Effort with Error-Time Curves
The Effects of Sequence and Delay on Crowd Work
Crowd Size, Diversity and Performance

Session: Smart Smartphone Authentication

I Know What You Did Last Week! Do You?: Dynamic Security Questions for Fallback Authentication on Smartphones
Improving Accuracy, Applicability and Usability of Keystroke Biometrics on Mobile Touchscreen Devices
SwiPIN: Fast and Secure PIN-Entry on Smartphones
Glass Unlock: Enhancing Security of Smartphone Unlocking through Leveraging a Private Near-eye Display
I Feel Like I'm Taking Selfies All Day!: Towards Understanding Biometric Authentication on Smartphones
Interrupt Now or Inform Later?: Comparing Immediate and Delayed Privacy Feedback

Session: Healthcare Bias, Engagement & Adaptation

From Care Plans to Care Coordination: Opportunities for Computer Support of Teamwork in Complex Healthcare
Engaging Pregnant Women in Kenya with a Hybrid Computer-Human SMS Communication System
It Is All About Perspective: An Exploration of Mitigating Selective Exposure with Aspect Indicators

Session: Storytelling in InfoVis

Storytelling in Information Visualizations: Does it Engage Users to Explore Data?
Understanding Data Videos: Looking at Narrative Visualization through the Cinematography Lens
How Deceptive are Deceptive Visualizations?: An Empirical Analysis of Common Distortion Techniques
STRATOS: Using Visualization to Support Decisions in Strategic Software Release Planning

Session: Grip, Move & Tilt: Novel Interaction

Supporting Subtlety with Deceptive Devices and Illusory Interactions
Understanding Users' Touch Behavior on Large Mobile Touch-Screens and Assisted Targeting by Tilting Gesture
One-Handed Bend Interactions with Deformable Smartphones
Grip Change as an Information Side Channel for Mobile Touch Interaction
An Experimental Comparison of Vertical and Horizontal Dynamic Peephole Navigation

Session: Interactive Video & Collaborative Annotations

RIMES: Embedding Interactive Multimedia Exercises in Lecture Videos
A Framework for Automatically Generating Interactive Instructional Scaffolding
Mudslide: A Spatially Anchored Census of Student Confusion for Online Lecture Videos
Making Software Tutorial Video Responsive
Gaze-Based Annotations for Reading Comprehension

Session: HCI for the Elderly

Long-Term Use of Motion-Based Video Games in Care Home Settings
CoFa_ade: A Customizable Assistive Approach for Elders and Their Helpers
My Hand Doesn't Listen to Me!: Adoption and Evaluation of a Communication Technology for the 'Oldest Old'

Session: The Impact of Crowd Work on Workers

Working with Machines: The Impact of Algorithmic and Data-Driven Management on Human Workers
TurkBench: Rendering the Market for Turkers
Exploring the Role of Activity Trace Design on Evaluations of Online Worker Quality
We Are Dynamo: Overcoming Stalling and Friction in Collective Action for Crowd Workers
Understanding Malicious Behavior in Crowdsourcing Platforms: The Case of Online Surveys

Session: Social Media and Mobile Camera Privacy

I Saw Images I Didn't Even Know I Had: Understanding User Perceptions of Cloud Storage Privacy
Sensitive Lifelogs: A Privacy Analysis of Photos from Wearable Cameras
Somebody's Watching Me?: Assessing the Effectiveness of Webcam Indicator Lights
From Third to Surveilled Place: The Mobile in Irish Pubs
Is This Thing On?: Crowdsourcing Privacy Indicators for Ubiquitous Sensing Platforms

Session: DIY Healthcare: Apps & Wearables

Blood Pressure Beyond the Clinic: Rethinking a Health Metric for Everyone
Concealing or Revealing Mobile Medical Devices?: Designing for Onstage and Offstage Presentation
Understanding Individual Differences for Tailored Smoking Cessation Apps
FeedFinder: A Location-Mapping Mobile Application for Breastfeeding Women

Session: Social Embodied Interaction

Using an Interactive Avatar's Facial Expressiveness to Increase Persuasiveness and Socialness
Study on Gaze Direction Perception of Face Image Displayed on Rotatable Flat Display
DynamicDuo: Co-presenting with Virtual Agents

Session: Innovation in Theories & Products

From User-Centered to Adoption-Centered Design: A Case Study of an HCI Research Innovation Becoming a Product
Creating Sustainable Cyberinfrastructures
Standards and/as Innovation: Protocols, Creativity, and Interactive Systems Development in Ecology

Session: Design and 3D Object Fabrication

Tactum: A Skin-Centric Approach to Digital Design and Fabrication
A Layered Fabric 3D Printer for Soft Interactive Objects
Platener: Low-Fidelity Fabrication of 3D Objects by Substituting 3D Print with Laser-Cut Plates
D-Coil: A Hands-on Approach to Digital 3D Models Design

Session: Understanding & Extending Touch Interfaces

Performance and Ergonomics of Touch Surfaces: A Comparative Study using Biomechanical Simulation
How Much Faster is Fast Enough?: User Perception of Latency & Latency Improvements in Direct and Indirect Touch
The Effect of Edge Targets on Touch Performance
FlickBoard: Enabling Trackpad Interaction with Automatic Mode Switching on a Capacitive-sensing Keyboard
ExtensionSticker: A Proposal for a Striped Pattern Sticker to Extend Touch Interfaces and its Assessment

Session: Sharing & Collaboration @ Work

MUBox: Multi-User Aware Personal Cloud Storage
DocuViz: Visualizing Collaborative Writing
Communication through Boundary Objects in Distributed Agile Teams
How to Drive a London Bus: Measuring Performance in a Mobile and Remote Workplace

Session: Families and Their Use of Technology

Managing Children's Online Identities: How Parents Decide what to Disclose about their Children Online
Understanding and Supporting Fathers and Fatherhood on Social Media Sites
Look, My Baby Is Using an iPad! An Analysis of YouTube Videos of Infants and Toddlers Using Tablets

Session: Understanding Crowdwork in Many Domains

Apparition: Crowdsourced User Interfaces that Come to Life as You Sketch Them
Zensors: Adaptive, Rapidly Deployable, Human-Intelligent Sensor Feeds
Exploring Privacy and Accuracy Trade-Offs in Crowdsourced Behavioral Video Coding
Crowdsourcing Stereotypes: Linguistic Bias in Metadata Generated via GWAP

Session: Eco-Green: Encouraging Energy Conservation

Tiree Energy Pulse: Exploring Renewable Energy Forecasts on the Edge of the Grid
Designing Persuasive Technology to Manage Peak Electricity Demand in Ontario Homes
Eco-Forecasting for Domestic Electricity Use
Beyond Eco-Feedback: Adding Online Manual and Automated Controls to Promote Workplace Sustainability
Understanding the Role of Thermography in Energy Auditing: Current Practices and the Potential for Automated Solutions

Session: Sports Tracking & Training

Keepin' it Real: Challenges when Designing Sports-Training Games
Flow is Not Enough: Understanding the Needs of Advanced Amateur Runners to Design Motivation Technology
Jogging with a Quadcopter
ClimbSense: Automatic Climbing Route Recognition using Wrist-worn Inertia Measurement Units

Session: Feeling & Communicating Emotions

Towards Multimodal Affective Feedback: Interaction between Visual and Haptic Modalities
Emotions Mediated Through Mid-Air Haptics
In the Heat of the Moment: Subjective Interpretations of Thermal Feedback During Interaction
EnviroPulse: Providing Feedback about the Expected Affective Valence of the Environment

Session: Critical Design

Expanding and Refining Design and Criticality in HCI
Immodest Proposals: Research Through Design and Knowledge
Making Multiple Uses of the Obscura 1C Digital Camera: Reflecting on the Design, Production, Packaging and Distribution of a Counterfunctional Device
Pause Moment Experience in SNS Communication

Session: HMDs in Augmented & Virtual Reality

Eye-Wearable Technology for Machine Maintenance: Effects of Display Position and Hands-free Operation
Belt: An Unobtrusive Touch Input Device for Head-worn Displays
Content Destabilization for Head-Mounted Displays
A Dose of Reality: Overcoming Usability Challenges in VR Head-Mounted Displays
Accuracy of Pedometry on a Head-mounted Display
Level-Ups: Motorized Stilts that Simulate Stair Steps in Virtual Reality

Session: Tangible Interaction with Phones

Acoustruments: Passive, Acoustically-Driven, Interactive Controls for Handheld Devices
HaptiCase: Back-of-Device Tactile Landmarks for Eyes-Free Absolute Indirect Touch
The Trial of Bendi in a Coffeehouse: Use of a Shape-Changing Device for a Tactile-Visual Phone Conversation
SpecTrans: Versatile Material Classification for Interaction with Textureless, Specular and Transparent Surfaces

Session: UI Impact on Performance & Decisions

Displayed Uncertainty Improves Driving Experience and Behavior: The Case of Range Anxiety in an Electric Car
Designing Information for Remediating Cognitive Biases in Decision-Making
Quick Affective Judgments: Validation of a Method for Primed Product Comparisons
Effects of Ad Quality & Content-Relevance on Perceived Content Quality

Session: Player Performance & Experience in Games

The Goal of Scoring: Exploring the Role of Game Performance in Educational Games
Moving Beyond Fun: Evaluating Serious Experience in Digital Games
Now You Can Compete With Anyone: Balancing Players of Different Skill Levels in a First-Person Shooter Game
All about that Base: Differing Player Experiences in Video Game Genres and the Unique Case of MOBA Games

Session: Neighborhoods & Disadvantaged Communities

Exploring Learning Ecologies among People Experiencing Homelessness
The Promise of the Sharing Economy among Disadvantaged Communities
Practice-based Design of a Neighborhood Portal: Focusing on Elderly Tenants in a City Quarter Living Lab
This Digital Life: A Neighborhood-Based Study of Adolescents' Lives Online

Session: Enhanced Security with Passwords & CAPTCHAs

Towards Making Random Passwords Memorable: Leveraging Users' Cognitive Ability Through Multiple Cues
ActivPass: Your Daily Activity is Your Password
Constructing Secure Audio CAPTCHAs by Exploiting Differences between Humans and Machines
Easy to Draw, but Hard to Trace?: On the Observability of Grid-based (Un)lock Patterns
On the Effectiveness of Pattern Lock Strength Meters: Measuring the Strength of Real World Pattern Locks

Session: Accessibility at Home & on The Go

RegionSpeak: Quick Comprehensive Spatial Descriptions of Complex Images for Blind Users
FingerReader: A Wearable Device to Explore Printed Text on the Go
Collaborative Accessibility: How Blind and Sighted Companions Co-Create Accessible Home Spaces

Session: Telepresence Video, Robots, and Walls

ImmerseBoard: Immersive Telepresence Experience using a Digital Whiteboard
Accuracy of Deictic Gestures to Support Telepresence on Wall-sized Displays
Can You See Me Now?: How Field of View Affects Collaboration in Robotic Telepresence

Session: Experience Design for Games

Automatic Game Progression Design through Analysis of Solution Features
Pass the Ball: Enforced Turn-Taking in Activity Tracking
The Data Driven Lives of Wargaming Miniatures
Provenance for the People: An HCI Perspective on the W3C PROV Standard through an Online Game

Session: Digital & Materials Fabrication

Foundations of Materials Experience: An Approach for HCI
PaperPulse: An Integrated Approach for Embedding Electronics in Paper Designs
Data-Things: Digital Fabrication Situated within Participatory Data Translation Activities
Being the Machine: Reconfiguring Agency and Control in Hybrid Fabrication

Session: Tactile Notifications for Phones & Wearables

OmniVib: Towards Cross-body Spatiotemporal Vibrotactile Notifications for Mobile Phones
NotiRing: A Comparative Study of Notification Channels for Wearable Interactive Rings
Skin Drag Displays: Dragging a Physical Tactor across the User's Skin Produces a Stronger Tactile Stimulus than Vibrotactile
Cruise Control for Pedestrians: Controlling Walking Direction using Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Affordance++: Allowing Objects to Communicate Dynamic Use

Session: Automation and Interactive Feedback

Automation Surprise in Aviation: Real-Time Solutions
The Role of Environmental Predictability and Costs in Relying on Automation
An Architecture for Generating Interactive Feedback in Probabilistic User Interfaces
IDSense: A Human Object Interaction Detection System Based on Passive UHF RFID

Session: Art & Performance

What if HCI Becomes a Fashion Driven Discipline?
The Smartphone Project: An Augmented Dance Performance
I'd Hide You: Performing Live Broadcasting in Public
Making the Invisible Visible: Design to Support the Documentation of Participatory Arts Experiences
Trap it!: A Playful Human-Biology Interaction for a Museum Installation

Session: Bridging People & Beliefs with Social Media

Modeling Ideology and Predicting Policy Change with Social Media: Case of Same-Sex Marriage
Is it Weird to Still Be a Virgin: Anonymous, Locally Targeted Questions on Facebook Confession Boards
Social Media Dynamics of Global Co-presence During the 2014 FIFA World Cup
Bridges into the Unknown: Personalizing Connections to Little-known Countries

Session: Quantified Self for Humans & Pets

Change of Heart: Emotion Tracking to Promote Behavior Change
Beyond Self-Tracking and Reminders: Designing Smartphone Apps That Support Habit Formation
Problematising Upstream Technology through Speculative Design: The Case of Quantified Cats and Dogs
Re-Centering Multispecies Practices: A Canine Interface for Cancer Detection Dogs

Session: Visualizing Statistics & Graphs

(s|qu)eries: Visual Regular Expressions for Querying and Exploring Event Sequences
Statsplorer: Guiding Novices in Statistical Analysis
Investigating the Direct Manipulation of Ranking Tables for Time Navigation
Dynamic Opacity Optimization for Scatter Plots
Evaluating How Level of Detail of Visual History Affects Process Memory

Session: Understanding Everyday Use of Mobile Phones

Demand in My Pocket: Mobile Devices and the Data Connectivity Marshalled in Support of Everyday Practice
An In-Situ Study of Mobile App & Mobile Search Interactions
The Composition and Use of Modern Mobile Phonebooks

Session: GUI Size, Resolution & Layout

Effects of Display Size and Resolution on User Behavior and Insight Acquisition in Visual Exploration
Subjective and Objective Effects of Tablet's Pixel Density
Push-Edge and Slide-Edge: Scrolling by Pushing Against the Viewport Edge
Investigating Visual Feedforward for Target Expansion Techniques
GACA: Group-Aware Command-based Arrangement of Graphic Elements

Session: Kids Social, Emotional & Special Needs

Designing Social and Emotional Skills Training: The Challenges and Opportunities for Technology Support
Designing Autism Research for Maximum Impact
Networked Empowerment on Facebook Groups for Parents of Children with Special Needs
Toward 3D-Printed Movable Tactile Pictures for Children with Visual Impairments
Multimodal Analysis in Participatory Design with Children: A Primary School Case Study
The Fun and the Serious in an Educational Game: The Monkey Tales Case

Session: HCI for Civic Engagement

HCI, Civic Engagement & Trust
Factful: Engaging Taxpayers in the Public Discussion of a Government Budget
Contesting the City: Enacting the Political Through Digitally Supported Urban Walks
Data-in-Place: Thinking through the Relations Between Data and Community

Session: Security Feedback & Warnings

Scaling the Security Wall: Developing a Security Behavior Intentions Scale (SeBIS)
How Polymorphic Warnings Reduce Habituation in the Brain: Insights from an fMRI Study
Improving SSL Warnings: Comprehension and Adherence
A Spoonful of Sugar?: The Impact of Guidance and Feedback on Password-Creation Behavior

Session: Wellness & Wearables

Snot, Sweat, Pain, Mud, and Snow: Performance and Experience in the Use of Sports Watches
Contextual Influences on the Use and Non-Use of Digital Technology While Exercising at the Gym
TastyBeats: Designing Palatable Representations of Physical Activity
As Light as your Footsteps: Altering Walking Sounds to Change Perceived Body Weight, Emotional State and Gait

Session: Task Interruption & Resumption

SwitchBack: Using Focus and Saccade Tracking to Guide Users' Attention for Mobile Task Resumption
EyeBookmark: Assisting Recovery from Interruption during Reading
The Effects of Chronic Multitasking on Analytical Writing
What Makes Interruptions Disruptive?: A Process-Model Account of the Effects of the Problem State Bottleneck on Task Interruption and Resumption
Interruptibility of Software Developers and its Prediction Using Psycho-Physiological Sensors

Session: Using Random Body Parts for Input

iSkin: Flexible, Stretchable and Visually Customizable On-Body Touch Sensors for Mobile Computing
Cyclops: Wearable and Single-Piece Full-Body Gesture Input Devices
Bodyprint: Biometric User Identification on Mobile Devices Using the Capacitive Touchscreen to Scan Body Parts
NailO: Fingernails as an Input Surface
Exploring Subtle Foot Plantar-based Gestures with Sock-placed Pressure Sensors

Session: Brain & Physiological Data use for HCI

Classification Accuracy from the Perspective of the User: Real-Time Interaction with Physiological Computing
Examining the Reliability of Using fNIRS in Realistic HCI Settings for Spatial and Verbal Tasks

Session: Software Engineering Tools

StructJumper: A Tool to Help Blind Programmers Navigate and Understand the Structure of Code
An Interactive System for Data Structure Development
Polymorphic Blocks: Formalism-Inspired UI for Structured Connectors

Session: HCI at Home

Investigating Genres and Perspectives in HCI Research on the Home
Building Change: Constructive Design of Smart Domestic Environments for Goal Achievement
uCap: An Internet Data Management Tool For The Home
Mediating Attention for Second Screen Companion Content

Session: Voting & Volunteerism

Social Media Effectiveness for Public Engagement: Example of Small Nonprofits
Exploring Barriers to the Adoption of Mobile Technologies for Volunteer Data Collection Campaigns
Everyone Is Talking about It!: A Distributed Approach to Urban Voting Technology and Visualisations
Design Challenges in Supporting Distributed Knowledge: An Examination of Organizing Elections

Session: Socio-Political Interactions

The Politics of Measurement and Action
Beyond Participatory Production: Digitally Supporting Grassroots Documentary
Designing Political Deliberation Environments to Support Interactions in the Public Sphere
Debating Poverty Porn on Twitter: Social Media as a Place for Everyday Socio-Political Talk

Session: Understanding Health through Online Behavior

Recognizing Depression from Twitter Activity
You Tweet What You Eat: Studying Food Consumption Through Twitter
Rethinking the Mobile Food Journal: Exploring Opportunities for Lightweight Photo-Based Capture
Collective Sensemaking in Online Health Forums

Session: Natural User Interfaces for InfoVis

Opportunities and Challenges for Data Physicalization
Exploring Interactions with Physically Dynamic Bar Charts
Evaluating the Memorability of Physical Visualizations
Personality as a Predictor of User Strategy: How Locus of Control Affects Search Strategies on Tree Visualizations
SketchSliders: Sketching Widgets for Visual Exploration on Wall Displays

Session: UX Methods 4

Two-Level Personas for Nested Design Spaces
The Work of Mad Men that Makes the Methods of Math Men Work: Practically Occasioned Segment Design
Flow of Competence in UX Design Practice

Session: Augmented & Virtual Reality in the Real World

Substitutional Reality: Using the Physical Environment to Design Virtual Reality Experiences
The Semantic Paintbrush: Interactive 3D Mapping and Recognition in Large Outdoor Spaces
User-Defined Game Input for Smart Glasses in Public Space
Retargeting Technical Documentation to Augmented Reality

Session: Gesture Elicitation & Recognition

Soft-Constraints to Reduce Legacy and Performance Bias to Elicit Whole-body Gestures with Low Arm Fatigue
Unistroke Gesture Recognition Through Polyline Approximation and Alignment
Gesture On: Enabling Always-On Touch Gestures for Fast Mobile Access from the Device Standby Mode
Optimizing Touchscreen Keyboards for Gesture Typing
Design and Evaluation of a Self-Correcting Gesture Interface based on Error Potentials from EEG

Session: Programming Environments

Constructing Conceptual Knowledge Artefacts: Activity Patterns in the Ontology Authoring Process
Helping Users Bootstrap Ontologies: An Empirical Investigation
A Spreadsheet Model for Handling Streaming Data
TextAlive: Integrated Design Environment for Kinetic Typography
Power, Empowerment and Open Source Usability

Session: Digital Collections, Practice & Legacy

Digital Collections and Digital Collecting Practices
Medium, Access, and Obsolescence: What Kinds of Objects are Lasting Objects?
Things That Make Us Reminisce: Everyday Memory Cues as Opportunities for Interaction Design
Curatorial Agents: How Systems Shape Our Understanding of Personal and Familial Digital Information

Session: Multilingual Communication

Improving Multilingual Collaboration by Displaying How Non-native Speakers Use Automated Transcripts and Bilingual Dictionaries
Effect of Machine Translation in Interlingual Conversation: Lessons from a Formative Study
Supporting the Modern Polyglot: A Comparison of Multilingual Search Interfaces
New Interaction Tools for Preserving an Old Language

Session: Empowering Users

Mixed-Initiative Approaches to Global Editing in Slideware
For Telling the Present: Using the Delphi Method to Understand Personal Information Management Practices

Session: Accessibility for Vision Impaired Users

Privacy Concerns and Behaviors of People with Visual Impairments
Participatory Design of Therapeutic Video Games for Young People with Neurological Vision Impairment
ColourID: Improving Colour Identification for People with Impaired Colour Vision

Session: Interactive & Multi-Surface Maps

TerraGuide: Design and Evaluation of a Multi-Surface Environment for Terrain Visibility Analysis
Lightweight Relief Shearing for Enhanced Terrain Perception on Interactive Maps
An Evaluation of Interactive Map Comparison Techniques
Ethermap: Real-time Collaborative Map Editing

Session: Robot Personalities

Too Much Humanness for Human-Robot Interaction: Exposure to Highly Humanlike Robots Elicits Aversive Responding in Observers
Look Like Me: Matching Robot Personality via Gaze to Increase Motivation
The Social Impact of a Robot Co-Worker in Industrial Settings
Robots, Pancakes, and Computer Games: Designing Serious Games for Robot Imitation Learning

Session: Mid-Air Gestures and Interaction

Accurate, Robust, and Flexible Real-time Hand Tracking
Investigating the Dexterity of Multi-Finger Input for Mid-Air Text Entry
Myopoint: Pointing and Clicking Using Forearm Mounted Electromyography and Inertial Motion Sensors
Joint Estimation of 3D Hand Position and Gestures from Monocular Video for Mobile Interaction
zSense: Enabling Shallow Depth Gesture Recognition for Greater Input Expressivity on Smart Wearables

Session: MOOCS & e-Learning

Providing Adaptive Support in an Interactive Simulation for Learning: An Experimental Evaluation
Interactive Cloud Experimentation for Biology: An Online Education Case Study
Mining Memories: Designing a Platform to Support Social Media Based Writing
Wait-Learning: Leveraging Wait Time for Second Language Education

Session: Understanding Gamers

Masters of Control: Behavioral Patterns of Simultaneous Unit Group Manipulation in StarCraft 2
Cooperative Game Play with Avatars and Agents: Differences in Brain Activity and the Experience of Play
Examining Game World Topology Personalization
The Use of Games as Extrinisic Motivation in Education
Exploring Cyberbullying and Other Toxic Behavior in Team Competition Online Games

Session: Bridging Communities

Computer-Enabled Project Spaces: Connecting with Palestinian Refugees across Camp Boundaries
Transnationalism, Indigenous Knowledge and Technology: Insights from the Kenyan Diaspora
Collective Intelligence in Computer-Mediated Collaboration Emerges in Different Contexts and Cultures
Google+ Communities as Plazas and Topic Boards

Session: Gender & Technology

Gender and Tenure Diversity in GitHub Teams
Offline Strangers, Online Friends: Bridging Classroom Gender Segregation with WhatsApp
Online Inspiration and Exploration for Identity Reinvention
Unequal Representation and Gender Stereotypes in Image Search Results for Occupations

Session: Coping & Wellbeing Through HCI

Finding the Adaptive Sweet Spot: Balancing Compliance and Achievement in Automated Stress Reduction
SoberDiary: A Phone-based Support System for Assisting Recovery from Alcohol Dependence
Solutionism, the Game: Design Fictions for Positive Aging
Design Considerations for Patient Portal Adoption by Low-Income, Older Adults

Session: Interacting with Floors & Situated Displays

BaseLase: An Interactive Focus+Context Laser Floor
Ergonomic Interaction for Touch Floors
Display Blindness?: Looking Again at the Visibility of Situated Displays using Eye-tracking
Detecting User Intention at Public Displays from Foot Positions

Session: Multi-Device Interaction

A Diary Study on Combining Multiple Information Devices in Everyday Activities and Tasks
Spatially-aware or Spatially-agnostic?: Elicitation and Evaluation of User-Defined Cross-Device Interactions
Weave: Scripting Cross-Device Wearable Interaction
MultiFi: Multi Fidelity Interaction with Displays On and Around the Body

Session: Speech & Auditory Interfaces

Form Follows Sound: Designing Interactions from Sonic Memories
Repurposing Conversation: Experiments with the Continuous Speech Stream
The CADENCE Corpus: A New Resource for Inclusive Voice Interface Design
Empirical Evidence for a Diminished Sense of Agency in Speech Interfaces
To Beep or Not to Beep?: Comparing Abstract versus Language-Based Multimodal Driver Displays

Session: Email & Social Media at Work

Lost in Email: Pulling Users Down a Path of Interaction
Balancing Boundaries: Using Multiple Devices to Manage Work-Life Balance
Working 9-5?: Professional Differences in Email and Boundary Management Practices
Inferring Employee Engagement from Social Media
Mailing Lists: Why Are They Still Here, What's Wrong With Them, and How Can We Fix Them?

Session: Understanding & Protecting Kids Tech Use

Regulating Access to Adult Content (with Privacy Preservation)
Resilience Mitigates the Negative Effects of Adolescent Internet Addiction and Online Risk Exposure
Generation Like: Comparative Characteristics in Instagram
Investigating High School Students' Perceptions of Digital Badges in Afterschool Learning

Session: Social Media & Citizen Science

Piggyback Prototyping: Using Existing, Large-Scale Social Computing Systems to Prototype New Ones
Situated Social Media Use: A Methodological Approach to Locating Social Media Practices and Trajectories
Break It Down: A Comparison of Macro- and Microtasks
DIYbio Things: Open Source Biology Tools as Platforms for Hybrid Knowledge Production and Scientific Participation
Designing for Citizen Data Analysis: A Cross-Sectional Case Study of a Multi-Domain Citizen Science Platform
Is This How We (All) Do It?: Butler Lies and Ambiguity Through a Broader Lens

Session: Disasters & Humanitarian Events

CrowdMonitor: Mobile Crowd Sensing for Assessing Physical and Digital Activities of Citizens during Emergencies
XHELP: Design of a Cross-Platform Social-Media Application to Support Volunteer Moderators in Disasters
Building a Birds Eye View: Collaborative Work in Disaster Response
Success & Scale in a Data-Producing Organization: The Socio-Technical Evolution of OpenStreetMap in Response to Humanitarian Events

Session: Home Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Physio@Home: Exploring Visual Guidance and Feedback Techniques for Physiotherapy Exercises
Lessons Learnt from Deploying an End-User Development Platform for Physical Rehabilitation
Exergames for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: A Medium-term Situated Study of Motivational Aspects and Impact on Functional Reach
Resilience Ex Machina: Learning a Complex Medical Device for Haemodialysis Self-Treatment
Understanding Design Tradeoffs for Health Technologies: A Mixed-Methods Approach

Session: Interaction Techniques for Tables & Walls

G-raff: An Elevating Tangible Block for Spatial Tabletop Interaction
Modeling Distant Pointing for Compensating Systematic Displacements
Is Moving Improving?: Some Effects of Locomotion in Wall-Display Interaction
Gaze+RST: Integrating Gaze and Multitouch for Remote Rotate-Scale-Translate Tasks
Designing for Exploratory Search on Touch Devices

Session: Interacting with GUIs

Clutching Is Not (Necessarily) the Enemy
Visual Grouping in Menu Interfaces
Color Portraits: From Color Picking to Interacting with Color
The Emergence of Interactive Behavior: A Model of Rational Menu Search
Selective Undo Support for Painting Applications